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Reiki at Reiki on the Road

Reiki "What is Reiki?"

I get that question regularly.

Reiki is universal life energy. I will try to explain what this means.

In Japanese, the translation is as follows:

Rei stands for Universal and Ki stands for Life Energy.

This universal life energy is all around us and is present in everything that lives.

Reiki is a healing method that is centuries old and that anyone can consciously learn to apply.

After an initiation of the Reiki energy, you can pass on this energy by means of laying hands on the body.

"But what does Reiki do for you?"

Is often the question that follows.

Reiki stimulates your self-healing ability. It removes blockages both physically and emotionally.

Pent-up emotions can cause physical complaints after a longer period of time.

Reiki goes to all the places in your body that need care at that moment to restore them.

"What does that look like?"

This can be very different for everyone since you are your own unique self.

Often you enter a deep relaxation, a meditative state, where you drift away.

For example memories come by. But also hidden needs from your subconscious can show themselves.

Emotions can come up. They will be carried by the energy, so you feel that you can handle it.

Afterwards, you can feel drowsy, relaxed, lighter, and energetic, or a little tired.

Followed by insights that can help you further on your path or help you to give closure to something. 

But if words fall short, experiencing yourself is the most beautiful experience!

Duration: 1 hour
Investment: €74,99 

paying in 2 installments is possible.

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