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New Moon

The moon has different phases that carry different energies.

The New Moon represents a new beginning. Which needs do you want to met and how can you invite that into your life?

Through meditation and drinking ceremonial cacao, we will connect with this. We write New Moon intentions and I intuitively use Reiki.

The New Moon Circle is a mixed circle of woman and men.

Mooncircles - Maancirkels

Full Moon

When the moon is full, it ends its cycle. It is an ideal time to turn inward and feel what is moving within you. What have you been struggling with for a long time and want to let go of?

In an intimate setting, we will give space to this together. By drinking ceremonial cacao combined with a microdose (1 gram) of truffles and different techniques like meditation and breathing, we sink into ourselves.

Intuitively, I use different release techniques and Reiki. I tune into the energy of the group and what is needed.

You are welcome to let go of what no longer serves you in a small, safe group of up to 8 people!

The Full Moon Circle is a women's circle.

Upcoming Circles

You can find all my events here.


Private Circle

On request

A moment to connect with your friends, family or loved ones. Create your own group of at least 2 or up to 8 people. Together, we will explore what it is you want to set your intention on so that you can give your own input to the circle, and I will guide you through it.
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